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Celebrating Kings Cliffe Community

The Kings Cliffe Parish Council has been successful in securing a grant from the Big Lottery Awards for All fund for a summer promotion of participation in the activities of the various village groups and organisations under the banner ‘Celebrating Kings Cliffe Community’.

There are a good range of groups across the village organising activities for all, covering culture, sport, history and the environment.

The purpose of ‘Celebrating Kings Cliffe Community’ is to do exactly that: celebrate what a great village it is and to promote the great range of activities available to be sure that all residents, and also residents in adjoining villages are aware and can come together to enjoy taking part.

Information about the range of events will appear in the different organisations’ publicity both printed and electronic, including on the Kings Cliffe Community facebook page in the next few weeks. This will highlight the broad range of activities and everyone is invited to get involved. ‘

Celebrating Kings Cliffe Community’ currently includes KC Heritage, KC Gardeners Association, KC Players, KC Endowed School, Transition KC Wildplaces, KC Active, The Club, The Church, Underground and The Memorial Hall.

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